Guitar Studies

My Style:

I took up the guitar for three primary reasons. First, I have long harbored a deep admiration for the instrument and those whose can command it to make beautiful music. Second, I wished to achieve a measure of discipline and focus through lifelong study. Finally, I desired to be capable of creating my own music that can be enjoyed by myself and others.

I have been enjoying this journey since February of 2017. While my style is developing, I would say that I am influenced by Classical (Sor, Aguado, Carcassi), Baroque (Sanz, Visée, Granata), and modern performers who play in this style (Segovia, Garcia, Vidovic).

All that said, I consider myself a Classical Guitarist in the Spanish Tradition. By lineage, I am of the Tarréga School.

Current Gear:

Guitar – Córdoba C5

Strings – D’Addario EJ45TT ProArte DynaCore Classical Guitar Strings, Titanium Trebles, Normal Tension

My current training repertoire includes:

  • Fernando Carulli – Metodo Completo
  • Mauro Giuliani – 120 Studies for Right Hand Development

My past training repertoire includes:

  • Julio Sagreras – Primeras Lecciónes de Guitarra, vol. I
  • Andrés Segovia – Diatonic Major and Minor Scales
  • Emilio Pujol – Escuela Razonada de la Guitarra, vol. II

My upcoming training repertoire includes:

  • Emilio Pujol – Escuela Razonada de la Guitarra, vol.III
  • Matteo Carcasssi – 25 Melodious and Progressive Studies